Destroying Union Station would be an atrocity

As consistently stated in our material, North American Transportation Institute is in no way supported by any element of the transportation industry, but, instead, by tax deductible donations from interested individuals. Of course, any and all persons associated with NATI maintain the right guaranteed by the United States Constitution to personally speak out on any issue at any time. 

The NATI material published by OSBR speaks for itself and will stand any level of scrutiny. As author of all the non-NATI material also published in PDF files at the above web address by OSBR, I'm happy to say that the sole responsibility for its content is mine. I stand behind it 100%.

The truth about Oklahoma's highways may be found in the public record. Despite substantial state fuel tax and other spending increases dedicated to the state's roadways over the last 20 years, the quality of the statewide road and bridge system has not only continued to decline, but that decline has actually accelerated. $150 million a year simply cannot effectively chase unfunded highway maintenance liability now said to run in the neighborhood of $40 billion. Far wider-reaching and more comprehensive reforms are called for, but are neither considered or promoted by the people behind OSBR.

"Keep doing what you've always done and you'll keep getting the same results you've always gotten," goes to old saying. At the heart of OSBR's "roads petition" is just one more fuel tax increase. Recent history is witness that this strategy will not, cannot, stop the decline of Oklahoma Roads and Bridges. 

NATI can be counted on to continue to shine the light of truth on this special interest effort to raise the driving public's fuel taxes. We are happy to meet OSBR or any of its representatives in public debate on these matters. 

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