Help Stop the Senseless Destruction of the
Oklahoma City Union Station Railyard

In Dallas and Denver, historic Union Station rail facilities have been redeveloped at relatively low cost as the centers of vibrant new multi-mode transportation systems.

These historic, irreplaceable urban rail centers now bring together intercity passenger trains, regional commuter trains, local "light rail," vintage trolleys and local transit and intercity buses.

Neither the Dallas nor Denver stations, however, had been untouched by surrounding development. Both railyards had been cut down from their original sizes.

Oklahoma City Union Station is perhaps the last such facility in the West with ALL its original yard space intact. While some of the original platform tracks have been removed, the OKCUS rail yard could be quickly and cost-effectively returned to its original 12-track, six-block-long glory. From Union Station, existing rail lines link downtown to strategic locations all over the region (see Metro Railmap).

Unfortunately, all the highway builders at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) can think of to do with this gift to our own children from our great-grandparents' generation is to completely destroy it to make way for a "New I-40 Crosstown." $40 BILLION in unfunded highway maintenance need is not enough for ODOT and the highway contracting and trucking interests it serves.

Help us stop the destruction of the Union Station rail yard complex. Help us save badly needed transportation options for Central Oklahoma.

Ask Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry to suspend the "New Crosstown Project" until an independent commission or grand jury can investigate the route selection process and misuse of eminent domain powers that led to the decision to blindly destroy the usefulness of OKC Union Station.

Honorable Brad Henry
Governor of Oklahoma
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